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He additionally advocated the abolition or reform of several establishments, alleging they are spoiled and corrupt, and requested for changes to the structure to make sure the establishments work « for the individuals », and supply welfare and assistance to the elderly and different weak groups. López Obrador led a rally on the day of the state of the union speech, where sympathizers celebrated the President being prevented from delivering his speech inside the Congress chamber. They claimed that the President « had created a police state » within the area across the Congress constructing and interpreted it as a violation of the Constitution that made it unimaginable for Congress to be known as into session, and thereby enabling Fox to handle the chamber. López Obrador rejected the decision as too slim, and he and his followers intensified their civil resistance. For about two hours on 9 August, protesters took over the tollbooths on four federal highways linking Mexico City to Cuernavaca, Querétaro, Toluca, and Pachuca.

The consultations held in 2018 and 2019 have loved overwhelming support (70% or more), but they’ve been criticized for low turnout (2% or much less) and different reasons. Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that this may be his final attempt to turn into president, rejecting to turn out to be a everlasting ethical chief for the left Mexican wing.

On 20 November 2006, the date when the Mexican Revolution is commemorated, López Obrador’s sympathizers proclaimed him the « Legitimate President » at a rally within the Zócalo in Mexico City, although no formal poll was taken. The motion was deliberate in another rally, the « National Democratic Convention », during which supporters gave him the title. At the conference, López Obrador known as for the institution of a parallel authorities and shadow cupboard.

He didn’t cite any polls on the time, later he referenced Covarrubias and IMO. Several days later, the Federal Electoral Institute revealed its ultimate tally, which had him down by a margin of zero.fifty eight%, or approximately 243,000 votes. López Obrador then initiated legal challenges, claiming election irregularities in 54% of polling stations, and demanded publicly the votes to be recounted « vote by vote » in all polling stations.

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After his supporters proclaimed him as « Legitimate President of Mexico », López Obrador created a « Cabinet of Denunciation » to counter all moves carried out by President Felipe Calderón. It was expected that this « alternative cupboard » could be used as a stress mechanism to the initiatives of the government.

Business teams mentioned the blockades cost Mexico City companies situated near the areas of conflict every day losses of 350,000,000 pesos (about US$35 million). In order to compensate, they asked the Government of Mexico City to exempt them from paying taxes that yr.

In October 2017, at PT’s National Congress, as party president Alberto Anaya was reelected to another 6-yr time period, PT formalized its coalition with MORENA. Congress was additionally taken by legislators of the Broad Progressive Front , the PRD, Labor and Convergence parties, on 10 April 2008 due to their disagreement with the Government regarding vitality policy discussions, claiming they violated the Constitution.

The protesters prevented personnel from charging tolls in some of these roads and allowed autos to cross freely. López Obrador held several gatherings in downtown Mexico City with hundreds of thousands of people attending, pressuring for a « vote for vote » common recount. On 31 July, in an act of civil disobedience, he organized a blockade of 12 kilometers of one of the most important roads in the capital, Paseo de la Reforma, which houses several necessary motels, corporate main offices and the Mexico City Stock Market.

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López Obrador’s followers took each chambers of Congress and had them chained so no one may enter, thus avoiding the passage of secondary legal guidelines which modified the authorized framework of the Mexican national oil company, Pemex. López Obrador requested a four-month lengthy debate on power policies and never a 50-day debate presented by the PAN, PRI, Green Party and New Alliance.

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While the case was mentioned in the Electoral Tribunal, the IFE known as for the candidates to refrain from proclaiming themselves as winner, president-elect, or president till the final decision was taken. Spanish-language TV community Univisión, López Obrador referred to himself as « President of Mexico ». López Obrador introduced his victory to his supporters on the night time of the election, stating that according to exit polls he had received by 500,000 votes.